Catering Consultation Considerations

When To Know If An In-Person Consultation Is Best For A Potential Client?

  1. Before we book an in-person consultation we want to make sure they have supplied a budget and it’s been documented and reviewed. If they have not supplied a budget via email or over the phone, we will not schedule an in person meeting. We want to pre-qualify the client to ensure they are the right fit for the business.
  2. We prefer to always review the information sent us via email or through TheKnot, and then consider if an in-person consultation is the best use of our time. The only situation where we allow in-person consultations and the client has no set budget is if they pay for a tasting. We’ve found that sometimes clients may not know what they want but if they are willing to pay for a tasting, they may be potential customers who value tasting and experiencing food before making a decision. (see “Fees & Costs” category for reference)
  3. The budget has to work within our packages as we have a sales minimum (before sales tax or gratuity (if applicable)(see “Fees & Costs” category for reference)
  • Scenario ONE – CORPORATE/WEDDING/PRIVATE EVENT: If a potential corporate client is requesting to meet us in person because they have $1,500.00 to spend on a 100 guest count event, we’d schedule a phone consultation to explain to them that their budget will not work for their guest count and we can either get them to reduce their guest count, increase their budget, or change their catering request to make things for feasible. A scenario like this is an example of this not being the right client for us based on their guest count and budget. A phone consultation/or a polite email would be best suited for a situation like this.
  • Scenario TWO – FILM CLIENTS: In the world of film catering those clients typically will present a budget that we can either decline or accept to work with. Usually, they are looking for the most value for the money and will follow up with a phone consultation to go over their days of service and times once they accept/approve their estimate. In a case like this, we would have to refer to our film catering packages (see “Packages” category) to align their needs with what we can offer them. At this point, it would be up to the client to assess if our packages can provide the maximum value for their budget based on the number of days they need food service. With film catering, they often don’t have time to schedule tasting/or phone consultations.

When To Know If A Phone/or Virtual Consultation is Best?

  1. Phone or virtual consultations are best suited in the following situations:
    • When the client has not shared their budget with us in the online intake form; and refuses to.
    • When the client can not meet with us in person
    • If Samone requests it to happen for her reasons
    • To get a better understanding of the clients overall vision

What are the best times to schedule tastings & consultations?

  1. We try to book tastings from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm during our office hours which are Tuesdays – Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm; Mondays and Sundays we are closed or doing personal chef drop-offs.
  2. Saturdays are by appointment only and make consultations between 12 pm and 4 pm. We do not have consultations on Saturdays when we have an event that is scheduled. Paid events will always override a tasting on the weekends or weekdays. Unless approved outside these timeframes by Samone, we try to stick to booking within these times listed above.
  3. We also try to put dates and times when Samone will be unavailable on the calendar. The link for her personal Google Calendar is here:
  4. If you do not have access to the Google Calendar to input booking times, please request access by emailing and access will be granted.

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