Catering Consultation Types

  • Free Consultations – a free consultation is the most basic consultation offered to potential clients who have an interest in our services. Free consultation offers a chef’s choice meal/or appetizers (if Samone chooses to include them), in which the chef produces what is available and at their discretion. Potential clients have the right to share with us food preferences of what they do not eat as well as health/or diet restrictions. Free consultations can also be in-home consultations, in which Samone decides to travel to the personal home or office location of the potential client.
  • Mini-Formals – a mini formal is requested when a client shows interest in our services but wants to select what type of food they want to experience during their consultation. Mini formals are priced at $125.00 and Samone expects the fee to be paid 24 hours before the mini-formal date. (see “Fees” category for methods of payment)
  • Formal Tastings – a formal tasting are for clients that have already booked, paid a deposit, and are under contract. The formal tasting presents the finalized/or proposed menu, discussed between chef and client. These types of tastings are for signing off on ingredients, seasoning methods, entrees, side items, cooking style, sauces, and other important details the chef needs to finalize. The formal tastings also present an opportunity for the booked client and the chef to discuss beverage choices, salad selections, event timeline, and other important questions and considerations that need to be addressed to ensure the successful execution of their event. 
  • Below is a list of questions and follow up conversations that need to happen when clients schedule their formal tastings:
    • Inquire of the client if they have a completed floor plan or timeline?
    • Find out if anything regarding their event day has changed?
    • Has their guest count increased/or decreased since the deposit?
    • Find out if the client needs any vendor services that we can help with?
    • Make sure the client enjoyed the food they tasted today was to their liking
    • Be sure to review their contract and catering services to ensure clarity
    • Make sure all payments the client has made have been inputted into their invoice so all payment history is updated and current.
    • Confirm that their wedding date/catering event date is still the same
    • Ensure that we are making food for them that doesn’t compromise others food allergies or health/diet restrictions
    • Are there any handicapped, disabled, or senior citizens in attendance

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