Culinary Assistants

Overall Role Description: Your role as a Culinary Assistant at Wishful Concepts Catering is to provide assistance to the head chef and the entire food production, prep, and cooking process. Culinary Assistants within our company participate and engage in a collection of activities that include: cooking, prepping, cleaning the kitchen upon completion of food production, participate in event logistic meetings, to ensure successful food production for our weddings and/or corporate events.

Personality & Character Traits: As a culinary assistant we focus on working with individuals who maintain clarity of thought, a professional attitude, can take direction, can receive critique and are willing to contribute culinary ideas and suggest best practices to increase efficiency. When our culinary assistants engage with the team, leadership and guests, we expect friendly, courteous, and respectful communication to happen.

Day Rates: all culinary assistants receive a flat day rate of $300.00 to prepare and cook food items associated with that event. This includes any preparation that needs to be done on the day of the event as well as the day before. 

Taxes: Taxes are not taken out of this flat rate nor will Wishful Concepts Catering be responsible for providing health insurance or any sort of benefits for our subcontractors. All culinary assistants will complete a W9; receive a 1099 at the end of the tax year, and all financial earnings will be disclosed to our culinary assistants at the end of the tax year for filing their taxes.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Cleaning fish, chicken or meats
  2. Washing meats, fish, or chicken
  3. Washing lettuce or greens
  4. Seasoning and adding flavors to food items
  5. Pan searing food items
  6. Boiling or roasting food items
  7. Read event documentation to understand the event orders that have been placed
  8. Taking temperature of prepared foods and logging them into the food logs
  9. Peeling or removing skin from food items
  10. Packing away cooked items and labelling them accordingly
  11. Following all best practices and sanitary policies according to the State of Florida
  12. Washing up all dishes & cleaning equipment used upon completion
  13. Sweeping floors and cleaning up prep areas upon completion

Seeking These Qualities

  1. Must demonstrate empathy and compassion to connect with customers and their guests.
  2. Must be inspired to serve the needs of our customers and their guests.
  3. Prior experience in food service preferred
  4. Must be on time and mindful of time
  5. Must have access to an email
  6. Respond to emails within a 1-2 day period; much more frequently during the week of event production when needed
  7. Must have dependable transportation to commute to our office location

Attire & Image

  1. Professional attire is requested of culinary assistants
  2. All hair/or beards must be tied back or held with a hair net when working in a kitchen environment
  3. When working in the kitchen please wear non-slip shoes. No flip-flops are sandals are welcomed to be worn in the kitchen environment.
  4. If you have your own knife/knife kit please bring it for your use.
  5. Please wear your chef coat or proper chef attire

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