Which Food Service Best Fits Your Wedding?

Food can be one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. Your guests stroll into the reception and are greeted with familiar smells of comfort and immediately make their way to their assigned seats or buffet line ready to match a smell with a taste. The average cost of catering for a wedding is $71 per person. If you have a guest list of 100+, food will make the leaderboard as a top cost of your wedding. When allocating a good amount of your wedding budget to catering, it’s important to know exactly what type of food and style of food service fits the overall vibe of your wedding.

At Red Door Events, we offer multiple food services in our catering packages. Here is a breakdown of what they are and what style of wedding they are best suited (pun intended) for.

1. Plated Dinner

This offering does include passed appetizers, however everything else is plated and served to each individual person at the reception. The plated meal includes a multi-course lineup of a salad, an entree, sides and beverages. This style is a perfect fit for those who would like a more traditional and formal dining experience because the food is pre-portioned and everyone will eat at the same time. Keep in mind that you will need assigned seating for the plated service; perfect for the “everyone and everything in their right place” type of event planner. A tricky decision with a plated style dinner is choosing entrees and sides that will satisfy your guests. Luckily, this is handled far in advance and a choice of entree and sides are chosen when guests receive their RSVP invitation. At the end of the day it could save you in food costs because you know exactly how much food you need to purchase. Although leftovers are never a bad thing for the newly-weds to continue to experience their special day over and over again through every bite.

2. Buffet-Style

This option is less formal than the plated style and consists of a salad, entrees and sides that are set up in a line where guests walk to build their meal. Buffet style is an ideal food style for couples who are looking for a “go with the flow” type of experience. It allows guests to eat when they are ready and to choose what they want to eat vs. having a plate ready for them. This can alleviate some of the stress around getting entree choices from your guests beforehand. Buffet style allows the wedding couple to fully customize their food experience and is great for foodie couples who want their buffet spread to symbolize who they are and showcase their love of food. I’m sure we have all heard horror stories around buffet-style dining, however, we have mastered food portions and will help you decide how much food to purchase for your wedding based on guest count. In addition, all of our buffets are manned to keep food portions consistent and to keep the buffet line flowing and sanitary.

3. Appetizers/Small Bites Only

Also known as hors d’oeuvres, this food service is thought of as an extended cocktail hour. Instead of a full blown multi-course dinner, this casual, yet classy food experience is perfect for the socialite couple who would rather mingle with friends and family during their reception instead of having a prompt sit-down dinner. Just because there isn’t a multi-course meal, doesn’t mean it should lack in flavor or presentation. With Red Door Events as their caterer, couples are able to choose appetizers that showcase who they are, where they come from, and what solidifies them as a power couple, all while fitting into their catering budget. A problem that can arise from hors d’oeuvres food style is guests not feeling full or not having enough food to soak up the boozy celebrations. To prevent this from happening, we suggest letting your guests know in advance that you are hosting a cocktail style reception with small bites only so they are prepared. Another tip is to be as accurate as possible with your guest count when putting your food order in to make sure there is enough food for everyone (we recommend 5-6 passed appetizers).

In addition to the food services listed above, we also offer custom action stations such as build your own pasta bar, themed action stations, and more. We hope this helps you decide which food service is the best fit for your magical day. If you would like information on pricing and booking, please reach out to us at hello@chefsamone.com or jordan@reddooreventsatlanta.com.


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