Event Equipment & Inventory Support

Primary Responsibilities

1-2 days prior to the event day this individual is responsible for packing items needed to produce a successful catering event. Once the initial 30-day prelim is completed the document gives an overall understanding of what has to packed for different needs for the event. (“see Event Preparation category for more information on preparing for events”) 

On the day of the event this leader stays outside by the truck / as well coordinate inside the truck to ensure all items on the packing list are secured and loaded by the servers. Servers will be working together with him/her to bring items into the truck(s) for their respective events. Packing / Inventory & Equipment Leader will never leave the truck for any reason except for emergencies or bathroom breaks; at that time the Packing / Inventory & Equipment Leader will appointment someone to resume their role until they return.

  • If more than one truck is being used for multiple events, this leader will label the truck(s) accordingly with a piece of paper and tape, so things don’t get packed into the wrong truck. Example: “Wedding – Event Location” or “Birthday – Location”
  • Review printed packing list template and follow items needed to be packed based on the 30-day prelims developed; usually some recommendations will be made from the Relations Manager as well as the Owner/Creative Director in terms of what to pack and why.
  • Note: the best way and get an understanding of what to pack and why, Packing / Inventory & Equipment Leader will need to carefully study the BEO or (Banquet Event Order) sheet as well as study prior packing lists/BEO’s that are in filed away. Please see cubed shelf for binder labeled “Banquet Event Orders”; this binder has an archive of all BEOs completed in the past. For example if there’s a NOAH’s event coming up and there needs to be an understanding of what to pack for a NOAH’s event, please request prior packing lists from Relations Manager. Packing / Inventory & Equipment Leaders are not allowed to go inside the filing cabinets in the office.

As a Packing / Inventory & Equipment Leader you are responsible for the completion of successfully packing all items needed for the event. Pay Rate: this role pays $9.50 an hour and is scheduled between 5-7 hours of labor involved. Compensation for hours worked, will be provided in one check if this individual has been scheduled to also work the event the next day as a server.

Essential Job Functions

  • Work is performed in an office environment that is very fast paced.
  • Maintain inventory of the back of the house to keep track of what we have and what needs to be ordered. (not for those being hired the day prior of event; this role is for those working part-time weekly to be able to maintain inventory)
  • Create & maintain structure in the back of the house (kitchen and storage areas) (not for those being hired the day prior of event; this role is for those working part-time weekly to be able to maintain inventory)
  • Understands all details pertaining to the wedding, corporate, personal chef service and creates a successful cohesive list of items that need to be taken to produce an event.
  • Requires the ability to multi-task and complete tasks in a timely and accurate manner. 
  • Majority of weekend; some mid-days; and or nights required. 
  • Communicates directly with management to gather necessary information from the BEO and 30-Day Prelims, in order to develop a successful itemized inventory to produce the event. 

Qualities Required

  • Thick skin
  • Honesty & Trust
  • Must be able to work with very little supervision
  • MUST HAVE hospitality experience and have the ability to identify equipment and supplies needed to successfully produce a catered events.


  • Clear, concise written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize and organize work assignments; delegate work when appropriate.
  • Must be extremely detail-oriented and organized.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Ability to be a clear thinker, analyze and resolve problems, exercising good judgment.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and professionally with other internal leaders with the willingness to submit and respect company authority.

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