Event Preparation Guidance


  1. 5 Gallon Water Containers – be sure we have water
    1. 50-100 guests require – (2) 5 gallons filled
    2. 101-200+ guest count require – (3) 5 gallons to be filled
  2. The case of water for the staff will always be by the couch; if not ask kitchen staff where they’ve put it


  1. Glasses, if not pulled already and put in the front of the office for loading are in the back — so if they are in the back you will have to use the black step ladder to access it; we would rather our leadership grab the glass racks to prevent falling
  2. Glass racks are packed in the back in no specific order; read label on the crate. 
    1. 1. Wine Glasses / 2. Coffee Mugs / 3. Champ Flutes / 4. Water Goblets
  1. Racks are labeled towards the front either with masking tape or with black marker
  2. The event details sheet will always tell you how many glassware to bring when it doubt.
  3. Also when prepping glassware racks be sure to bring the rack cart (brown on wheels) and also the black plastic square with holes for dumping ice in the water goblets during events when it’s time to put the ice water goblets on the tables.
  4. When prepping ALL GLASSES are to be inspected, washed, and dried if dirty and put back. Clean glasses are always to be put face down.

Dinner Forks, Salad Forks, Knives, and Spoons

  1. Unless instructed to do so on event details list to pack disposable cutlery, we mostly do events that involve real silverware.
  2. All silverware is located in the three drawers on the long tan table in the kitchen; each drawer is labeled with what’s inside of it.
  3. Please pack each plastic bag with counts of 20 – please be sure to USE DISPOSABLE GLOVES TO COUNT CUTLERY and make sure you are separating flatware.
  4. COUNTING EXAMPLE: so if we need 100 dinner forks, there should be 5 bags total of 20 dinner forks inside them, small dessert spoons, knives, salad forks, etc..
  5. Bags of silverware should be packed in an empty black crate and labeled with masking tape with what’s in the crate and for the name of the wedding we’re doing.

Food Cambros & Juice Cambros

  1. The food & juice cambros (the black and brown boxes) are to be inspected to see if they are cleaned and prepped to be used for the event next day. If they are dirty please clean the inside of them and dry them; leave them open to dry out so moisture doesn’t build up inside and crate and build mold.
  2. They are not to leave the kitchen the day before the event, unless kitchen staff instructs you to remove them and place them somewhere else


  1. Busing Trays & Stands – make sure to pull the busing trays from the back; the (2) big ones and the (2) black small ones. Also bring all (3) busing tray stands.
  2. Hand Truck – we need the black hand truck for all our events
  3. Water Pitchers – are in a grey bin on the green shelf next to the 3-compartment sink; inspect all pitchers to ensure they are clean, dry, and ready to go to the event. We’ll need these for pouring water for guests at events.
  4. Bin To Soak Utensils – there’s a white bin with a red cover that says “for soaking utensils” underneath the 3-compartment sink to the left bottom. We need this to soak dirty guest utensils and serving utensils when transporting back to the office.
  5. Bus Bins (grey & black) – need this for use in the kitchen on event location
  6. Serving Utensils – please pack the serving utensils that are necessary for food serving: slotted spoons for liquid/juicy items, flat spoons for non liquid items, tongs for items that require grabbing, and scoopers for things such as mashed Potatoes and Mac N’ Cheese.
  7. Chafing Set Sternos – sternos are in a white box in the storage area. The box is labeled clearly and sits on the green shelf near 3-compartment sink on the bottom most likely. 
    1. Note: If the box is full, there’s no need to take the whole box to waste the sternos. Check with kitchen staff to find out how many would be best to take as well as consider back up that would be needed to relight underneath the chafing set (look at event details sheet for the amount of chafing sets needed for food) and grab an empty black crate and pack them in it. MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLOSED PROPERLY otherwise the oil will leak and sternos wasted.
  8. Chafing Sets – chafing sets are already build, should be cleaned and are stacked in two columns next to the green shelf in the kitchen. If they happen to be dusty or dirty and are not covered just be sure to wipe them down and clean them. The chafing sets on the bottom have a different styles than the ones at the top so take note of that. Always ask the kitchen staff which chafing sets they need and for what purpose – you can also refer to event details sheet & food menu for more clarity of why we need certain amount of chafing sets. Chafing sets are to be brought up front and placed in LARGE clear plastic bags (kitchen staff will show you which ones are the LARGER size ones)
  9. White Ceramic Platters – passing appetizers requires the white ceramic platters. If they are not already in the grey bin with the blue cover (which is located on the green shelf in the kitchen), please grab them from the shelf in the kitchen with ALL PLATTERS (2nd level from the top to the right) which are used for passing because they are the lightest to carry. PLEASE INSURE THAT ALL WHITE PLATTERS ARE PROPERLY PADDED WITH BUBBLE WRAP WHEN PACKING. If you need more more spare bubble wrap some is hanging out by the black crates in the back.
  10. Stainless Steel Hinged Bowls – these are needed when we have to serve food with sauces on the side; always check with kitchen staff if these are needed. They are on the 4th shelf from the top to the right in a clear plastic bag.


  1. Server vests and aprons are hung up on the mobile linen rack and need to be counted, checked, and reviewed to make sure they are clean and we have various sizes for servers; black bow ties and white gloves are in the sanitation bin and if they are not, please pack them. (Sanitation bin is purple and marked as such on the top)

Beverages & Station Setup

  1. The beverage experience for our events mostly involves the setup of a beverage station placed at a specific table or at the bar area.
  2. Our beverages are typically served in glass juice dispensers which are located in the storage area of our kitchen packed in black crates with bubble wrap. If you look through the crate, even though it’s not labeled, you’ll see that there are big glass dispensers inside them.
  3. The dispenser lids are usually placed in the corners of the crates, wrapped in bubble wrap so please be careful when moving them around to prevent them from falling out and breaking.
  4. Some glass juice dispensers in our inventory have different style covers, so those covers require you to flip them upside down and wrap them in bubble wrap and them place them over the juice dispenser opening.
  5. All juice dispensers have been stacked with what we call, SPACER CRATES, that allow you to stack the glass juice dispensers on top of one another. When preparing the dispensers, please keep this same system in place to prevent crates from falling out and breaking.
  6. Each juice dispenser create, not the SPACER CRATES, should have masking tape placed over the dispenser that wrap around the crate handles to prevent the juice dispenser from falling out if the crate tilts.

Beverage Mixture Ingredients To Purchase & Pack for Events

Guava Mango Juice
Guava NectarMango SyrupPineapple Juice

(1) 64 oz of Guava Juice(6) Tablespoons of Mango Syrup½ can of Pineapple Juice
* mixture amounts are based on the size of the dispenser
Raspberry Spritzer
Sprite, Ginger Ale OR 7UP⅓ Cup (6 Tablespoons) of Raspberry Syrup

(2) 2 litres⅓ (6 Tablespoons) of Raspberry Syrup
* mixture amounts are based on the size of the dispenser


  1. All our china are packed in black crates wrapped in plastic wrap
    1. Lg are wrapped in pks of 10 and there are 2 packs of 10 per crate
    2. Sm are wrapped in pks of 10 and there are 4 packs of 10 per crate  
  2. Always look at the black create to choose the correct style and grab the ones that are needed for the event based on the event details sheet provided (we have silver rim or all white plates currently in our inventory)
  3. All black creates that store our china also are wrapped with clear plastic bags to prevent bugs from climbing inside the crate while in storage. Be sure to leave the bags inside there and only change them if they are dirty or smell.
  4. When preparing the plates that are in crates, please keep this same stacking order up front to prevent confusion when it’s time to do inventory check before loading into van.

Disposables (flatware, plates, cups)

  1. Disposable Plates, Cutlery, and Cups – If the event calls for disposables, please see green shelf in the kitchen area for disposable forks, disposable plates (small & large), mini martini glasses, disposable coffee mugs, and disposable cups.
  2. Take Home Food Containers – never take the whole box; only take enough for leftover food for bride and groom; 6-10 boxes should be fine to take.

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