Floor Captain & Event Leaders

Overall Role Description: Your role as a floor captain and event leader is to provide friendly, courteous, and efficient service to our clients and their guests. Create memorable, positive dining experiences for our clients at every event, through the efficient, compassionate, and timely performance of the position’s duties and responsibilities. 

Pay Rate (Floor Captains): floor captains take on a leadership role to lead the servers and culinary team to ensure the guest service experience runs smoothly throughout the event (this includes pre-packing and getting ready for the event day of as well as post-event to ensure all items return back with our team). Floor captains receive a flat day rate of $200.00 per day to do the following activities:

  1. Take final count of guests in attendance through the use of a “clicker”
  2. Assign roles and establish clear team cohesion
  3. Studies the timeline and understands when key events throughout the day will happen
  4. Communicates with the coordinator, venue management, and communicates essential information to the team working the event that day
  5. Additional compensation is offered to do tasks outside of what has been described.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Make sure linen is placed properly on tables
  2. Pay attention to detail and know what is provided to our client and their guest’s meal preferences, likes, dislikes, need of water or any other beverages.
  3. Anticipate customer’s needs and requests and engage with guests in a genuine and compassionate way.
  4. Perform assigned duties on the food service banquet line or production line if doing family or plated meals to assure that the meals are prepared on time and food is ready to be served.
  5. Provide food in to go boxes first to our bride then their guests.
  6. Remove and clear food from plates on tables, clear glasses and flatware from the table.
  7. Maintain all requirements of safety and sanitation guidelines set by State Food Service Department.
  8. Performs related duties as assigned or required.
  9. Responsible for transporting items from trucking/loading/unloading bins, boxes, and equipment at the office location.
  10. Some catering servers may be requested to help with the presentation of food for butler passed appetizer experiences, buffet line setups, and plated meals
  11. Other catering employees may help transport and serve the food.

Seeking These Qualities

  1. Must demonstrate empathy and compassion to connect with customers.
  2. Must be inspired to serve the needs of our customers.
  3. Prior experience in food or customer service preferred

Etiquette . Attire . Image

Etiquette for table service includes the knowledge of serving food. The order of food service is linked to the style of service.

  1. The server will offer the client the need for refreshments many times throughout the meal experience; it is important the client never be denied/or delayed access to beverages and drinks.
  2. The server clears plates from the right of the guest with the right hand. It is customary to serve women before the men at a table. The server clears dishes from the right of the guest with the right hand between courses.
  3. Please make sure that you are not stacking dishes in front of the guest and please wait until all guests are finished eating to remove dishes.
  4. Plating head tables is a responsibility that we take on at our events. When a bride and groom has established a head table with their bridal party present, we dismiss the bridal party first to the buffet line as we bring the plated meal for the bride and groom. If we are doing an all plated catered event, we plate the head table first before bringing out plates to the other tables.

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