Atlanta Film & TV Catering Services

We know that production crews work long hours and are looking for good food. We also offer craft services that keep the production crews hydrated and energized between meal breaks. If you need catering for tv production, commercials, music videos, or film productions we’ve got you covered! Our Red Door team ensures that your crew has their nutritional needs supported with good solid meals.

When we cater film & tv sets we consider the following:

  • Talent and crew who are vegans or vegetarians
  • The people who are pescatarians
  • Adding variety and not giving you the same old’ things everyday
  • Those who don’t consume dairy at all

Atlanta Craft Services

Craft services are for crew members who might not have time for a sit-down meal or need to stay fueled and hydrated throughout the production. What we serve in craft services can range from bare-bones to elaborate.

When we build our craft services we consider the following:

  • To include snacks & edible items that are grab-and-go
  • The people who are vegans and vegetarians
  • People who may want salty or sugary based snacks
  • Those who want water, sodas, or other types of energy drinks

Recent Client

“Chef Samone and her team went above and beyond, every moment of our event. We were an NYC team working in Atlanta on a very tough event. The Red Door team became family almost instantly. The Red Door team knew everyone’s name and preferences (100+ crew) by dinner on the second day. Chef Samone’s menus and food felt like eating at home which was comforting while working so hard away from home.

The Red Door team was the first in and last out each day. They rose to every challenge we threw at them and never complained. Our crew got excited for every meal not only to eat, but to see Chef Samone and her team. The crew raved about each meal and dessert. Hard workers, excellent food and genuinely good people.”

Courtney Ford
Production Coordinator, Good Sense & Company

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